Join me on a meditative journey, with simple guided meditations that gradually go deeper introspectively, so that you can gain clarity, reduce stress, access abundance and find happiness! Each section in this bundle includes a guided meditation, my favorite tips & tools and a video with me explaining how to put each one into action.


  • be present

    Learn how to be present in the moment, the only place where life exists, knowing that breathing in the past is where sadness lives and breathing in the future is where anxiety lives. 

  • detach

    Detach from your story, labels, events and memories to unblock stagnant energy in your system and activate your prana (life force) so that you can release the very things that might be holding you back as you begin to manifest abundance, happiness and success.

  • let go

    Acquire stress management skills that will help you find peace, happiness and gratitude amidst the juggles of a hectic life by reducing your anxiety and calming the mind through meditative practices.

  • accept

    Create a path of clarity in your mind (and space between your thoughts) so that answers come without over analyzing, over thinking and over strategizing. Say goodbye to asking questions without getting the answers!

  • overcome

    Discover the beauty of stillness and the gift of gratitude (even during difficult times), so that peace, confidence and strength come to the forefront in everything you do.

  • listen

    Gain a new perspective on how to shift your internal dialogue so that you feel more confident and use your time more productively. Your cells are reacting to everything you're doing, saying and thinking!


  • MEDITATIONS:  The meditations that you choose need to be conducive to where you are in your life, otherwise it might feel overwhelming. On this meditative journey, we'll start with simple meditations that gradually go deeper so you feel comfortable and ready.
  • VIDEOS: Meditating is a beautiful gift but the magic happens when you have the tools to put your practice into action. Each meditation will have a video explaining specific ways to apply each one.
  • THOUGHTS, TIPS & TOOLS: I love sharing stories, thoughts, tips and tools that I've learned along the way to guide you on your journey.
  • LIFETIME ACCESS:  Initially, you'll get one meditation every day for 30 days. Then you'll have the bundle for a lifetime! Revisit each meditation (and video) based on what you need so that you can apply it to real life experiences and situations.
  • ONE LINK:  All of the meditations are on one link, so you can say goodbye to google searches, trying to find resources on youtube or searching endlessly for the right meditation app.  


Meditation In Action

  • Guided Meditations

    One guided meditation every day for 30 days, along with videos on how to put your meditations into action. This bundle is designed to experience it as a gradual journey. After 30 days, you'll have the entire bundle for a lifetime!

  • Bundle

    Enjoy the entire bundle including 30 meditations and videos for a lifetime, along with my thoughts, tips and tools to support you on your journey every step of the way. Don't forget about the ongoing email support if you have questions!


    For a limited time, you'll receive THREE bonus guided meditations! It's my way of saying 'thank you' for allowing me to share this experience with you.

kind words

Nancy M.

"Kelly has taught me to take time each day to meditate and practice deep breathing which has helped decrease my stress and relax my mind and body exponentially. The magic is, it can be done anywhere at any time and it always alters my state of mind. These practices that I've learned have been instrumental in reducing my anxiety and enhancing my concentration and coping skills. I have so much gratitude for Kelly for her advanced knowledge and innate ability to teach life changing practices such as meditation and breathing exercises."

"Silence is not empty, it's full of answers."


Below is a sneak peek at all of the content in this bundle! In addition to the meditations, you'll get video bites with me (explaining how to put each one into action), along with my favorite tips & tools. But it doesn't end there! Enjoy three BONUS meditations for a LIMITED TIME.

  • 1

    Introduction to Meditation


    • Introduction

  • 2


    • Video: How to put mindful awareness into action

    • Using your five senses to meditate

    • Guided Meditation: Mindful Awareness

  • 3


    • Video: Gratitude changes everything

    • Creating a Shift in Your Vibrational Energy

    • Guided Meditation: Gratitude

  • 4

    3. PRAYER

    • Video: How to put prayer into action

    • Calling out to the God of your knowing and asking for what you need

    • Guided Meditation: Prayer

  • 5


    • Video: Using visualization as a source of action

    • Releasing thoughts as you float in the water

    • Guided Meditation: Thoughts

  • 6


    • Video: Removing obstacles using Ganesh mudra

    • Praying to Ganesh to remove obstacles

    • Guided Meditation with Ganesh Mudra (add sound redo video)

  • 7

    6. SLEEP

    • Video: The importance of a good night's rest

    • Tips & Tools for a Restful Sleep

    • Guided Meditation: Sleep

  • 8


    • Video: Live in the here and the now

    • The power of being present in the moment, the only place where life exists

    • Guided Meditation: The Power of Now

  • 9

    8. NATURE

    • Video: The beauty of nature as medicine

    • Nature is medicine for the soul

    • Guided Meditation: Nature

  • 10

    9. RELAX

    • Video: Relax the body and the mind

    • Important tools to relax

    • Guided Meditation: Relax

  • 11

    10. FOOD IS GIFT

    • Video: How to apply gratitude and presence when shopping, cooking and eating

    • Food as an abundant gift and a source of gratitude

    • Guided Meditation: Food is a gift

  • 12

    11. BODY IMAGE

    • Video: Shift your awareness regarding your body with patience, acceptance & love

    • Body Image and acceptance

    • Guided Meditation: Body Image

  • 13

    12. CELLS

    • Video: The spiritual architecture of cells

    • Your Cells are Listening!

    • Guided Meditation: Cells

  • 14

    13. SELF-LOVE

    • Video: Self Love is not Selfish

    • The Magic of Self-Care & Self-Love

    • Guided Meditation: Self-Love

  • 15


    • Video: The path to confidence

    • Confidence begins with awareness

    • Guided Meditation: Confidence

  • 16

    15. LOTUS

    • Video: Moving through obstacles like the Lotus Flower

    • The story of the Lotus

    • Guided Meditation: Lotus

  • 17

    16. STRENGTH

    • Video: Stay strong mind, body & soul

    • Strength Beyond the Physical Body

    • Guided Meditation: Strength

  • 18

    17. ANXIETY

    • Video: Heal an anxious mind

    • Relax your mind, let go and surrender with acceptance

    • Guided Meditation: Anxiety

  • 19

    18. CHAKRAS

    • Video: Find balance beyond the physical body

    • Chakras and the subtle body

    • Guided Meditation: Chakras

  • 20


    • Video: Creating a ripple affect to heal the planet

    • Collective prayer can change the world

    • Guided Meditation: Prayer for Planetary Peace

  • 21

    20. THEATER

    • Video: A trip to the theater and you're the star!

    • How do external forces affect our inner being?

    • Guided Meditation: Theater

  • 22

    21. MYSTERY

    • Video: Believe in the mystery of magic, signs and miracles

    • Exploring the mystery and the magic of life

    • Guided Meditation - The Mystery of it All

  • 23

    22. HEALING

    • Video: Time to heal

    • The Journey to Healing

    • Guided Meditation: Healing

  • 24


    • Video: How to create new beginnings by focusing on today

    • You can begin again every day

    • Guided Meditation: New Beginnings

  • 25


    • Video: You have the power to shift your vibrational energy

    • What are you saying to yourself and where did you learn that?

    • Guided Meditation: Internal Dialogue

  • 26

    25. MANIFEST

    • Video: How to manifest what you need

    • Tips & tools to manifest

    • Guided Meditation: Manifest

  • 27

    26. BUS

    • Video: Let's take a ride on a bus (hint: you're the driver)!

    • You have the power to take the wheel

    • Guided Meditation - Bus

  • 28


    • Video: Giving your Inner Child attention & love

    • Your Inner Child needs attention!

    • Guided Meditation: Inner Child

  • 29

    28. GRIEF

    • Video: Addressing grief like ocean waves

    • Grief & healing

    • Guided Meditation: Grief

  • 30


    • Video: Forgive to remove internal toxicity

    • Forgive as a source of self-care

    • Guided Meditation: Forgiveness

  • 31

    30. SAVASANA

    • Video: Savasana and the deep meaning behind final resting pose

    • The most important yoga pose

    • Guided Meditation: Savasana

  • 32


    • Thank you!

  • 33

    BONUS: Sound

    • Video: The beauty of sound

    • Sound as a form of meditation

    • Guided Meditation: Sound

  • 34

    BONUS: Gloomy day

    • Video: Embrace every day, even if it's gloomy

    • You have the power to shift your vibrational energy, even on a cloudy day

    • Guided Meditation: Finding gratitude on a gloomy day

  • 35

    BONUS: Love your breath

    • Video: Release your labels and your your breath

    • Let go, let it be, love your breath

    • Guided Meditation: Love your breath

  • 36

    Be you...

    • Be you...a unique soul wrapped in a physical body


  • How to Embrace a Gloomy Day

    There will never be another day like today. This meditation will remind you that gratitude changes everything!

  • The Beauty of Sound

    Sound is an energetic vibration. You have the power to shift your vibrational energy by using all or one of your senses so that you can release the monkey mind and find stillness when you're awake. What a gift!

  • Love Your Breath

    I'll let you in on a secret...this is my favorite meditation! For me personally, it was life changing. This meditation explores detaching from your story and your labels. Your only job is to simply love your breath.

what people are saying

Marie Y.

"I started your Meditation in Action course and I love it! I'm feeling very anxious today, and after listening to the first meditation (mindful awareness), I'm applying it and it is truly helping me cope. Thank you for creating this. I will be utilizing it indefinitely!"



    A quiet place to listen to the meditations and watch the videos. I made sure to keep each section as short as possible. I know your time is valuable!


    You don’t need any prior experience. I am a forever student and I love teaching a "beginner". I’ll be your guide every step of the way.


    No, but I would highly recommend it if you’re a beginner because I designed the bundle so that you can experience it as a journey, with simple meditations to start and then gradually going deeper into your practice.


    Initially, you'll get one guided meditation & video bite every day for 30 days (plus your bonus meditations) so that you can experience each one as a gradual journey. After that, there is no time frame! Go at your own pace and revisit whenever you need it, you’ll have the course for a lifetime!


I'm so confident that this bundle will help you to stay present in the moment and find peace during stressful times! All you have to do is take the first steps and put this bundle into action. Sign up now, and if you're not 100% satisfied, you can request a full refund within seven days.

"The best investment you will ever make is investing in your best self."


Kelly Mitchell is the owner of Buddha Barn Yoga & Wellness: a soulful space to transform the body, stimulate the mind and activate the soul. As a Life Coach, 500hr Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master, Kelly incorporates strategies and methods to create a colorful life. When she's not at the studio, you can find her painting, curled up with her dogs and writing her book, Color In The Void.